Our Services

With innovative search methodologies, social recruiting techniques, and active engagement with
passive recruiting strategies, we find the right candidate for the right company at the right time.

Candidate Identification

The talent pool is infinite, but there are only a few out-performers. To identify these candidates, we use methodical analysis, planning, and research. We also use candidate mapping because we don’t want to miss talent that should be included in our list of prospects.

Candidate Acquisition

Attracting top performers is difficult. At The Rockpointe Group, we focus on building strong relationships. The value we bring to candidates we work with comes from knowing the competitive landscape. We understand how to articulate our client’s value proposition and provide honest and valuable insight.

Our objective is to separate the exceptional from the average performer and assess them against the needs of the position and the cultural fit of the organization.

Recruiting and Interviewing

During the recruiting and interviewing process, we determine the cultural fit of a candidate. By asking a multitude of questions about each candidate’s needs, wants, and career goals, we are able to build strong relationships. From this point, we use insightful assessments to connect our clients with the top performers who are committed, prepared, and qualified to their role beyond expectations.

Talent Retention

Keeping top performers in a company is just as important as finding them. Since we focus on cultural fit, we have a much higher retention rate versus industry standards. We consult with our clients to help develop and implement best practices in employee performance, community, loyalty, and recognition programs.

Brand Building Awareness

Glassdoor, recruiter outreach, and social media influence talent prospects. We boost brand awareness and recognition by developing branding strategies for our clients. By helping develop marketing and branding strategies, businesses have increased interest, sales, and a larger market presence than their competitors.

Industry and Competitive Intelligence

We help clients uncover strengths and weaknesses of candidates, competitors, and gain insight on trends and market demands. To do this, we use compensation analysis, company performance metrics and organizational mapping.

Through our relationships, we can provide valuable insight to our clients with business intelligence that helps them make well-informed decisions. We can uncover candidate strengths, weaknesses, reputation, track record, and motivation for considering new opportunities.