The Rockpointe Group’s consultants are experienced specialists who, through extensive screening, can identify the best candidate to fill an important position, utilizing our service is ultimately faster and more effective, saving time and money. As an employee owned company, clients can expect long-term personalized service. Our goal is to maintain an exceptional reputation and build professional relationships by providing effective results.

Network of Contacts

Top-notch talent is a scarce commodity today. The Rockpointe Group has access to a wide range of contacts through extensive recruiting and networking. Some of the best candidates are employed; many deal only with a reputable recruiter. Candidates appreciate third party representation, confidentiality, and professional mediation. Recruiting superior candidates is intricate and best performed by a discreet professional.

Experience that goes beyond the search..

When you work with The Rockpointe Group you can expect an unparalleled customer experience and a full range of services to meet all of your recruitment needs. Due to our extensive database of industry professionals, and the knowledge of our executive recruiters, we present candidates that enable our clients to achieve their goals.

Searches completed within 100 days (accepted offers)
The Rockpointe Group placements in positions after one year
Clients recommend The Rockpointe Group
Clients use us for more than one search per year.

Speed and Convenience

The Rockpointe Group conducts reference checks and thorough interviews with all applicant clients to save the employer considerable screening time. We continually tap into the talent marketplace, making the hiring process much faster. We realize that each day a key opening remains unfilled; the other employees must grudgingly do double duty, not to mention the potential revenue loss.


The Rockpointe Group understands that the search process must sometimes be kept confidential. Confidentiality can keep current employees from finding out about internal changes, competitors about new product and market initiatives, and can help avoid employee and stockholder apprehension. The Rockpointe Group’s consultants are sensitive to confidential information and will conduct their search accordingly.

The benefit of using The Rockpointe Group can be weighed against the cost of preparing and executing an expensive, lengthy advertising/recruiting campaign. The process of advertising, recruiting, and screening candidates can be extremely costly and time consuming. The service The Rockpointe Group provides is an investment in improving the quality of an organization's staffing profile. The fees associated with our service become incidental considering the return on investment.

The Rockpointe Group can help clients evaluate their expectations based on the market and define a realistic profile and compensation package. We provide employers with advice and objective feedback on the candidates. This is accomplished through close contact with both clients.