With the ever changing demands of your clients, The Rockpointe Group offers staff augmentation: contract and temporary staffing solutions designed so you can hire as much talent as you need for as long or short as necessary. Contract recruiting offers our clients the flexibility needed for a successful business.

The Rockpointe Group assists our clients in filling interim or time-limited staffing needs with the skilled, capable candidates they need on a contract basis. Contract employees, working at your location or remotely, can fill virtually any position. Either as employees of our agency or as independent contractors, our contract workers bring their extensive experience and efficient performance to fill your interim or temporary needs.

We take the same rigorous approach for shorter-term candidates as we do for permanent professional positions.
Our services are highly competitive in pricing, and our contract employees are matched with your precise requirements. In many cases, contract employees provided by The Rockpointe Group perform so well that our clients offer them full-time positions.

Contact us with your staffing requirements and we’ll get right to work.